Defend the Arts Rally

A rally in defence of arts subjects has been called in response to the government’s recent proposal to cut 50% of the funding to art and humanities subjects in higher education, including music, dance, drama and performing arts, art and design, media studies, and archaeology.We are determined to stop these outrageous cuts to essential subjects.Continue reading “Defend the Arts Rally”

Anti-Racist Art and Design at the RCA

March 20, 2021 was UN Anti-Racism Day (link here). In order to mark this day we will be hosting an online lunchtime drop in session for UCU members on Wednesday 24th from 1-2 pm   Please join us on the day to share your ideas, thoughts and examples about anti-racist practice and pedagogy. We will be sharing ideas informally for betweenContinue reading “Anti-Racist Art and Design at the RCA”

Facing the Crisis: Unions in the Age of Covid

 Wednesday 24 Feb 7-8.30pm The coronavirus pandemic has been used by employers to renew attacks on trade unions and workers across the educational sector and beyond. The pandemic has had a significant impact upon our safety and conditions of labour, and as yet untold impacts upon the broader economy, and the cultural sector in particular.Continue reading “Facing the Crisis: Unions in the Age of Covid”