Anti-racist art and design

These resources were shared by members as part of the Anti-Racist Art and Design at the RCA event, on the Wednesday 24th March 2021.

With For About 2020

With For About 2020 was Heart of Glass’ 5th annual conference, curated by ‘the vacuum cleaner‘ and Cecilia Wee. With For About 2020 responds to the additional challenges that Covid-19 creates for many marginalised people and communities. With For About 2020 was presented as 4 episodes taking place from 27 May to 17 June 2020. These weekly presentations, performances and provocations brought together a range of voices and experience from across the world.

Conversations with multilingual international students

This webinar explores themes relating to multilingual students in higher education, and discuss an institutional research and development project where COVID-19 meets the decolonising arts movement. Available to watch online.

Khairani Barokka

Khairani Barokka is a writer, poet and artist in London. She’s a practice-based researcher, whose work centres disability justice as anti-colonial praxis.

Race, Space & Architecture

Race, Space & Architecture is an open access curriculum shared as a work in progress.  
Race, Space & Architecture is a poster series. 
Race, Space & Architecture is a gathering of soundings.
Race, Space & Architecture is a platform of constellations.
Race, Space & Architecture is a hostess of engagements


BREAK / / LINE is a project by and for those who oppose the trespass of capital, the indifference towards inequality and the myriad frontiers of oppression present in architectural education and practice today. 


This reading list was collectively produced by a group of architectural historians, art historians, architects, and urbanists in reaction to the August 2017 events in Charlottesville, and revisited in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. We have assembled a series of readings on how race and racism are constructed with spatial means, and on how in turn space can be shaped by racism. The list is meant primarily as a teaching resource and is open for viewing and sharing. A parallel archive collects the pdfs of some of these texts here.

Data for Black Lives

Data for Black Lives is a movement of activists, organizers, and mathematicians committed to the mission of using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people.

Allied Media Projects

Allied Media Projects (AMP) cultivates media for liberation. Our media includes all the ways we communicate with the world. Our liberation is an ongoing process of personal, collective, and systemic transformation. We are a network of people and projects, rooted in Detroit and connected to hundreds of other places across the globe. Together, we grow and exchange ways of using media to create the world we need.

Tawana Petty

Tawana uses her talents to facilitate anti-racism workshops and discussions, with a focus on shifting from the optional culture of ally-ship towards the obligatory commitment towards co-liberation and the struggle against anti-Black racism.

Decolonizing Wealth Project

The Decolonizing Wealth Project launched in 2018 to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital. We offer truth, reconciliation, and healing from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and narrative change.

Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies

We are interdisciplinary centre for theoretically-informed and policy relevant research on racism, ethnicity and migration, based at the University of Leeds.

Boston University Center for Antiracist Research

Our mission is to produce knowledge for change’s sake.

Harvard Kennedy School Racial Justice, Racial Equity, and Anti-Racism Reading List

In the wake of violence against Black Americans and in a moment of national reckoning, the HKS Library has pulled together a reading list that is a starting place to find resources that speak to racial justice, racial equity, and anti-racism. 

University of Westminster Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit

The Decolonising the Curriculum Toolkit is a collaborative project involving students and staff at the University of Westminster and beyond. We understand decolonising as an on-going process that involves unravelling our assumptions about curricula, critically examining its content and forms, and imagining new ways of learning together. Find art and design resources compiled by Tanveer Ahmed here.

Shades of Noir

Shades of Noir provokes, challenges and encourages dialogue and cultural value through its programme of activities on the subjects of race within art, design and communication Higher Education and the creative & cultural sector. Read their journals here.

Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Action: First Steps from Columbia University

An anti-racist pedagogy reading list, created for Columbia University faculty and graduate instructors who strive to incorporate an anti-racist pedagogy into their personal teaching practice. We offer this guide as a point of entry for instructors from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, identity positions, and levels of teaching experience who wish to engage in this work. The strategies, summaries, and additional links provide instructors with a theoretical framework upon which to make meaningful, intentional choices in their classrooms.