2022 Strike

Please donate to the RCA UCU local strike fund if you’re able to
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For larger payments (over £200) please use the bank transfer rather than the paypal.

You can also buy RCA UCU merchandise and donated artworks to support the strike fund.

If you’re a member of RCA UCU who is unable to come to the picket, or participate in a marking boycott, please consider taking part in wage sharing, to stand with and support members who are losing their pay. We encourage members to share “a significant amount of their income for that member” into the hardship fund. This means the amount is open, and each member can judge for themselves what is a significant amount. Please share these funds via paypal or bank transfer, citing ‘Wage Sharing’ in the reference, and they will be used to support members as part of the local hardship fund.

Teach Outs

Wednesday 2nd March 2022, 11am-12pm, RCA Kensington Campus

Individual healing sessions with a traditional round drum from Italian Apennines

+ bring your own instrument
+ discussion and reflection

Monday 21 February 2022, 12–1pm, Kensington Picket Line
Teaching to Transgress

Collective reading and discussion of bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress

Wednesday 01 December 2021, 10.30am, Kensington Picket
Undisciplined Assembly

Join for a collective reading and discussion of Robin D. G. Kelley’s Black Study, Black Struggle. Written in 2016, we return to this text, its questions and provocations:

  • Can universities ever be engines of social transformation? Or is such work the preserve of political education and activism?
  • What is the point of fighting for equal opportunities in a burning house, on a burning planet?
  • How do we confront competition in the neoliberal classroom?
  • How do we resist depoliticisation masquerading as tolerance, diversity and inclusion?
  • and fundamentally: How can we be in the university but not of the university?

Tuesday 16 November 2021, 12–1pm, Online and on the Kensington picket
Solidarity Rally

We’re doing the last week of our local strike in style, with an amazing line up of speakers including:

  • Juliet Jacques (artist, writer and RCA tutor)
  • Aimee Le (National Exec Anti-Cas rep / Corona Contract)
  • Kerem Nisancioglu (SOAS UCU/ Preventing Prevent)  
  • Emma Dent Coad (RCA Alumna / Former MP for Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council)
  • music from Chooc Ly Tan (artist and RCA tutor)
  • 💫💫💫 and more speakers to follow 🤞🤞

Everyone is invited – students, alumni, teachers, learners, comrades and friends – come join us and make some noise!

Wednesday 3 November 2021, 11am, Zoom
Invasion of the Neo-Liberal Academy

Online participatory theatre event to imagine a Radical College of Art

Zoom Link – https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUld-uvrjgrE9DGswwK2jhCX65S_wv9gWZf

Wednesday 3 November 2021, 12pm, Zoom
An Introduction to DaVinci Resolve

Featuring footage from the Radical College of Art Strike

Zoom Link –

Tuesday 2 November 2021, 12pm, Battersea
Green Exchange

Collecting sustainability issues and imagining potential solutions with the RCA Green Futures Groups.

Monday 1 November 2021, 10am, Kensington

We’re asking as many people as possible to come to Kensington at 10am on Monday for a
🟡 LOUD 🟢
so rustle up as many noise-making and decoration devices as possible !
🤛 🚩 🎉 🔫 🧨 🤜

From there we’ll have our second teach out, spending time with each other getting to deeper grips with the ⛓ institutional complex ⛓ of the RCA and the 🪢 intersectional trajectories 🪢 of our struggle.

We’ll have talks, chats and loud-readings on Decolonising the University campaigns, Universities as the Trojan horses of capitalist urbanism and radical pedagogies and critical solidarities !
🤓 👊💥

Please invite your students !

Thursday 14 October, 10am, White City
Radical Banner & Poster Making Workshop

Join striking School of Communication staff at the White City picket on Thursday 14 October for a teach-out and collective banner & poster making activity.

Starting from 10am. Fabric, paper, colour, and slogan writing skills most welcome! (some basic material and inspiration will be provided)*

Wednesday 13 October, 12–1pm (online + Kensington)
Solidarity Rally

  • John McDonnell MP
  • Muti Musafiri aka Mutivation – dance artist & activist from Village 101
  • Pause or Pay, UK-wide student-led action group
  • Rahul Patel, Co-Curator of Decolonising the Arts Curriculum zines and Joint Branch Secretary UCU at CSM UAL
  • Lesley Kane, Open University UCU Branch President

Tuesday 12 October, noon, Kensington
ALL TO HYDE PARK – teach out and walk

Join striking School of Architecture staff at the West Kensington picket on Tuesday 12 October for a teach-out and walk that will cross London, touching on sites of worker organising from the 17th Century to date. We will visit sites haunted by uprisings of the working classes and home to the spirits of those who stood up to the fascist Blackshirts. We will engage protest on multiple scales; from mass uprising to private, intimate acts of deviance and defiance. We will consider how education workers – administrators, lecturers, cleaners, security guards and students too – figure in these histories and finally, finishing on Primrose Hill, reflect on the continuing struggles we have today. 

We will meet at 12noon before setting off shortly after. All are most welcome to join earlier to join earlier to bolster the pickets!

Dress warmly. Wear comfortable shoes! 
Total distance: under 5km, mostly flat

We will meet at 12noon before setting off shortly after. All are most welcome to join earlier to join earlier to bolster the pickets.

Dress warmly. Wear comfortable shoes! 
Total distance: under 5km, mostly flat

Monday 4 October 2021
UCU & SU Open Forum

Co-hosted with the Students’ Union, read more here