Defend the Arts Rally

A rally in defence of arts subjects has been called in response to the government’s recent proposal to cut 50% of the funding to art and humanities subjects in higher education, including music, dance, drama and performing arts, art and design, media studies, and archaeology.We are determined to stop these outrageous cuts to essential subjects. Let’s kick back against cuts to the arts, help raise the visibility of branches in dispute and think about ways to decolonise the art school and bargain for the common good.

Speakers include:

  • Jo Grady (UCU General Secretary)
  • Lowkey (Rapper and Activist)
  • Michael Rosen (Author)
  • Juliet Jacques (Writer and Filmmaker)
  • and many more…

Art subjects must not be allowed to become elitist pastimes! Join the rally and help to organise the fight back. Register for the rally here:

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