Facing the Crisis: Unions in the Age of Covid

 Wednesday 24 Feb 7-8.30pm

The coronavirus pandemic has been used by employers to renew attacks on trade unions and workers across the educational sector and beyond. The pandemic has had a significant impact upon our safety and conditions of labour, and as yet untold impacts upon the broader economy, and the cultural sector in particular. In Higher Education and beyond the crisis intersects with longer standing assaults upon workers’ terms and conditions, and abilities to organise. But the pandemic has also opened up new sites of struggle, mobilisation and resistance and a series of new and pressing demands. In this panel discussion academics and trade unionists will reflect upon the challenges, opportunities and horizons opened up by the current crisis, and the methods of organising and resistance by which trade unions and cultural workers might seek to confront them. Speakers include:

  • Deepa Govindarajan Driver (UCU NEC and Pensions Negotiator)
  • Andrew Hemingway (Emeritus Professor, UCL)
  • Kirstie Paton (NEU NEC)
  • Jenny Warren (UAL UCU)
  • Jamie Woodcock (IWGB)

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All are welcome so please invite friends, contacts and comrades.

In solidarity, the RCA UCU branch committee